Breeding in the Neko-Ken

Looking for a Shiba Inu! So you get better informed on this wonderful dog, here’s a small summary on race and my breeding (it is a little long but well worth). The Shiba inu is the smallest of dogs Japanese (“Shiba” meaning “small” in Japanese). 
{%!=f6a62a74-08b1-441f-8ada-f814f45f062c=!%} Dog’s small size, it is very easy to live in pith: calm dog, little Barker (it not Yappy and wisely what can make a good babysitter), clean by nature, despite its small size and its look (Asian Spitz) this dog has character and needs limits. Although it is calm and poised, sport does not fear…

A little dog, a little chat, a little monkey: the Shiba is be close to his master, while remaining independent and above all it is mischievous!


It would be the perfect dog if it was not a dominant dog that does not support its congeners of same gender. But, knowing very well the canine community, I can tell you that many other dogs are in the same case, as most Asian dogs, need them a master who will it fit because he needs an education on a daily basis with limits (a ‘no’ is a ‘no’ and not a ‘ OK, agree “). Caution, do not confuse the firmness with violence. You will get nothing of your Shiba, who is a dog very sensitive and very respectful of his master, by force. On the other hand, if you love it and understand it, it will do everything to make you happy.

My puppies are born at home and are socialized to the maximum (accustomed to cats, car, campaign, various noises…). It is important to properly socialize puppies so that they are happy and safe from them. Prefer a passionate breeding which will take time to take care of the puppies and especially to know perfectly his race, livestock multi race where the puppies stay behind grids, where often the performance predominates on the quality and knowledge.

As soon as my puppies are 6 weeks old, they left together at the education of the puppy club. There, they learn the socialization in contact with various human, various dog and unusual object and especially the car (because there are 2 hour’s drive). Furthermore, I start pre educate with the method of clicker trainning (combine the sweet and natural, method by removing all constraints). This method is great for puppies and even for adults. It is to encourage the dog to obey you by its pure pleasure while leaving it free to choose (no constraint of extreme domination). It really is the perfect method to belevage_nekoken01e in communion with his pet. For example, my puppies are starting already walking on the foot, the recall and sat it. All this must be reinforced by other meeting but it was very important, at this age, to imbue certain attitudes.

My puppies are LOF (of parents confirmed and excellent lines for the most part imported from the Japan), tattooed by electronic chip (more expensive but especially reliable and painless), vaccinated, dewormed properly (every 15 days until their 2 months and then monthly) and free of external parasites (fleas, ticks…) before leaving with their families. My bitches and standards are all derived from lines radiographed (for those staying in France because the Japan Radio’s hips do not) and so far they have no problem of dysplasia. Dysplasia is a severe enough disease affecting all breeds of dogs, it can bring, at best, to a limp to the age of the dog and, at worst, paralysis of the rear axle.
In fact, I let go my babies of the House until 10 weeks instead of 8 because the law permit the sale from 8 weeks, then that is the most critical and difficult age, during the life of a dog, out of its natural environment (8 weeks is the phase where the puppies are afraid of everything) (, and it was during this period that it allowed us to give them). So I prefer to have balanced and many puppies in their legs, let them with their MOM 2 short weeks more.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any other information, because I do not sell furniture but the puppies. And this is not only the price to fix it or the proximity of livestock (better save, move and wait a few years to afford the dog you wish to, that rather be disappointed and have to get rid of: there’s enough dogs in the SPA!) but above all and above all to the character of the dog, because you have to live with him at least a dozen years. Therefore this dog will match your style and rhythm of life, your character and your taste (aesthetic criterion which is unique to each).

I recommend strongly to move and come see my dogs. It would be better that you come before that I have puppies to not let you soften by small kids of babies, because we are all the same, we love! This will allow you to see the character of each of my stuffed animals that is quite different. Moreover, this will also allow me to whether or not this breed you will match and will suit you perfectly, or if you need to “work” a little so that you can live in harmony; What lineage or sex you will agree the best… For the preservation of health and the management of my bitches, I’m careful to not reproduce too early (not before their two years) and late (not after their eight years). It is abnormal to reproduce a female in each heat (exhaustion, saddle, back and hip problems and loss of motivation and merriment). For my part, my productions reproduce very little (it is not laying hens, and I will not tolerate the battery cage!).

Hoping have convinced you the Shiba is a great dog and it conforms to your expectations, I expect your news soon.